Collect pertinent information on technologies of interest to your mission more rapidly.


Assess technology solutions in various settings more readily and collaboratively.


Share technologies and scouting reports by default and without delay.


Discover technologies scouted by the community and learn from their previous applications.

A shared platform for technology scouting and collaboration

Vulcan Technology Domain Awareness is a technology scouting platform that was developed in collaboration with the Special Operation Forces (SOF) community and is now used by diverse communities of practice to accelerate the delivery of innovative solutions to emerging challenges.

Connected Network

Shared purpose through an interconnected community of technology scouts and developers striving to solve complex and cross-cutting challenges.

Expanded Discovery

Shared awareness and shared learning of emerging organizational challenges and technological capabilities to forge a collective basis for collaborative innovation.

Enhanced Collaboration

Shared value through operational workflows that incentivize the combining of diverse knowledge and skill sets into creative concepts and new capabilities.

Accelerated Innovation

Shared Impact by increasing innovation velocity as a whole, and enabling the network to produce more than the sum of its parts in support of agile organizations.

Enhanced workflows for collaborative assessment of technology solutions

Sponsored by USSOCOM, Vulcan is a flat space that reduces inefficiencies and redundancies in technology scouting by converting node-to-node knowledge transactions into fully networked processes for the collection, discovery, and assessment of technology solutions.

A growing technology scouting network

500 +

Defense Organizations

15,000 +

Tech Organizations

A comprehensive technology categorization and mapping process

A unified taxonomy that allows the community to effectively categorize and prioritize its technology areas of interest and practice.

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